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5 Leadership Lessons You Can Learn From Coach Carter #RICHMOND #Expectations

5 Leadership Lessons You Can Learn From Coach Carter

Kenneth Ray Carter is an American businessperson and education activist.

He grew up in Richmond, California where he attended Richmond High School and set records in basketball.

He loved sports like most young men but early on he learned the value of having a good education in life.

As fate would have it, he would go on to coach basketball at his former school with his son playing for him.

His son Damien would go on to break the records he set – how amazing.

The movie Coach Carter is based on his time as the basketball coach of Richmond High in the late 90s.

In the eyes of some, he was something of a controversial leader but he had a vision to change lives.

He saw something special in his players, that they didn’t realize themselves and helped change their lives.

Here are 5 powerful leadership lessons you can learn from his life:

1. Set the tone from day one The thing about leadership is that you have to be at least one step ahead of your followers.

This is because you have the vision of where you want to lead them so it’s necessary that you stand out.

At his first practice session, Coach Carter made it clear what he expected of his team to do.

Communicating your expectations is one thing, and ensuring that they are met is another.

Coach Carter communicated his expectations to the team and threw out some of the players who didn’t want to cooperate.

Doing that...

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