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10 actions you can take to become a better person to others and yourself #EyeContact #SelfImprovemen

10 actions you can take to become a better person to others and yourself

At some point, everyone asks themselves how to be a better person.

It’s easy to feel that you’re just not fulfilling your potential, even though you’re not exactly sure what you’re doing (or not) to make you feel like that.

It’s really common to worry that you’re not nice enough to others, or that people think badly of you.

In this article, I’ll go through the 10 things you can do to be the person you want to be.

The advice here is a mix of work for you to do on yourself so that you can achieve more and do more and work you can do to help you engage and interact more successfully with others.

When you start doing more for yourself and taking care of your own life, wellbeing, and goals, it becomes easier to reach out to others.

You find that you naturally start doing things that help other people fulfill their potential too.

If you’re feeling down, disconnected or unable to interact with the world, it’s pretty likely that everyone else you meet realizes that.

I’ll start by talking about some simple self-care – vital to getting started and the foundation of everything else in your life.

I’ll then talk about some ways in which you can work to support your own happiness and that of others.

And then I’ll finish by going deeper into how you can set achievable goals for your life that really mean something to you.

1. Start with the basics If you don’t have the basics right, it’s hard to live the life you really want.

What do I mean by basics?

First, there are the things you need to actually live: food, water, and warmth, in the form of shelter and clothes.

Most of us have these essential physical needs, the bottom tier of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, met.

But we don’t always meet them well.

If you eat fast food every day, you’re eating, but you’re not eating well.

In the same vein, if you drive everywhere and rarely exercise, you’re missing a huge opportunity to feel successful and be healthy.

If you find yourself drinking every night (rather than just for a bit of fun at the weekends) you’re putting a brake on your potential, damaging your mental health and your physical wellbeing.

And what about the other things you need to feel happy and secure?

Things like companionship, love and meaningful work.

These can be harder to get find and right, and if you don’t have them, that’s OK, but you should be doing something to make sure you get them.

You should consider all these things essential self-care: Making sure you get enough sleep.

Being chronically tired makes it hard to make good decisions and makes you irritable.

Eating healthily most of the time.

Of course you can have a Friday night takeout or an indulgent birthday cake.

But for most meals, stick to lean protein, fruit, vegetables and whole grains.

This isn’t a magic bullet, but if you’re consistent, you’ll feel healthier and clearer-headed.

Prioritizing spending time with people who you care about and making new connections.

Even the most introverted of us have a deep need for connections with other people.

Social media isn’t enough – you need to spend time with people.

Avoiding too much alcohol or drugs.

An occasional party night is fine, but don’t let alcohol become something you can’t manage without.

Exercising in some form.

If you’re not a gym bunny, just get outside and walk.

Enjoy the wind in your hair and the sun on your back.

Having goals for work and hobbies.

If you can make your living doing something you’re passionate about, great.

If you can’t, make time for your passions outside work

2. Make listening your starting point When did you last really listen when someone spoke to you?

Listening demonstrates to others that you really care about who they are and what they have to say.

Think of a time when you were speaking and it became obvious when you weren’t being listened to.

Maybe a job interview that was going wrong, or a night out with...

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