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3 Ways Elite Leaders Optimize Their Mindset and Develop Sustainable Success #RobinSharma

3 Ways Elite Leaders Optimize Their Mindset and Develop Sustainable Success

The hot and cold approach doesn’t work long-term, but it’s familiar.

Someone has a revelation and gets committed to changing their life — they commit to working hard.

After a few months, the shine and excitement wear off, and the real growth work begins.

It’s at this point that a lot of success-seekers stop doing the work.

If you’re going to experience exponential growth in your life, you’ll need a sustainable path to success.

There is no finish line, and becoming an elite leader means you set goals that feel impossible.

If you’re hitting every one of your goals, you’re not swinging hard enough.

Becoming an elite 1% action-taking leader means employing and implementing optimization strategies that lead to growth and success.

Here are three techniques elite leaders use to do the work and develop lasting success.

1. They make their personal growth a primary priority The call of the world and the things on your to-do list can easily dominate your time.

It’s not uncommon to go throughout your entire day and realize you haven’t worked on any of your goals.

You’ve spent a whole day doing things for others.

Elite leaders understand that to have enough energy and capacity to...

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