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5 Ways To Support Someone With Mental Illness - Art of Healthy Living #HealthyLiving

5 Ways To Support Someone With Mental Illness - Art of Healthy Living

Most of us have someone in our lives that struggles with some level of mental illness.

As someone who is trying to be supportive, it can often feel nerve-wracking and sometimes even a little frustrating.

Especially if you know someone who struggles with severe mental illness, being a support system can take a toll.

Finding ways to best be there for them, provide love and care, and take care of yourself in the process is essential.

When To Step In And Help Sometimes people who struggle with mental health issues deal with a lot of internalized shame and embarrassment.

They might not want to share what they are dealing with for fear of being judged, misunderstood, or labeled as crazy.

The stigmas surrounding mental illness are very real.

Until you know someone who has had to face this straight-on, it may be hard to fully grasp how strong the barriers are for seeking out help.

Unless someone you know or love asks directly for support, you might be unsure if they need help or how severe the problems may be.

Some signs to look for...

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