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6 ways you can maintain your motivation during this winter’s lockdown #MentalHealth #LovedOnes

6 ways you can maintain your motivation during this winter’s lockdown

Whilst plenty of us have faced stricter regional regulations over recent weeks, the whole country is yet again facing a national lockdown in a bid to lower the spread of COVID-19.

Whilst this lockdown differs from the last in that thankfully, schools are still open and this time around we have more of an idea of how it will be, it’s still going to a shock to the system for millions of us, who are now back in our homes for all of November or even finding ourselves back on furlough.

Here are 6 ways that will help you to make the most of this time, keep yourself occupied and productive:

1. Routine It was bandied around a lot earlier this year, but it truly is vital to maintain or establish a routine as we begin to spend more time in our homes.

Without one, it becomes easy for us to slip into bad habits, such as dwelling on our anxiety and negative thinking.

Make sure you get out of bed every morning at a reasonable time, which will mean you’re more likely to be tired at bedtime.

Try and eat at regular times so you don’t graze throughout the day.

3. Keep active and keep moving We all know by now that our mental health is intrinsically linked to physical health.

The better we feel in our bodies, the better we feel in our minds. Regular physical activity...

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