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Having a fibre-rich breakfast will help you prevent many diseases like .. #diabetes #breakfast

Fibre-rich breakfast: Include these foods in the first meal of the day

It’s important to start the day on a right note.

And, having a hearty and nutritious breakfast is definitely the right start.

There are many healthy foods that you can add to this important meal.

But if you go in for a fiber-rich breakfast, you will gain a lot in terms of health and overall fitness.

You can get fibre from fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes.

These foods will fill you up, improve digestion and bowel movement and also prevent you from overeating later on in the day.

So, you stand to lose a lot of weight too.

A fibre-rich breakfast will also bring down your risk of many diseases like diabetes, heart disease and some types of cancer.

Scientists from the University of Liverpool say that fibre makes people feel less hungry and they tend to consume less food too.

They say that having 30 gm fibre at breakfast reduce calorie intake later during the day by almost 7 per cent.

Here, let us take a look at a few fibre-rich foods that you can add to your breakfast.

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Vegan Food Selection

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