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How does this type of therapy work? #NegativeEnergy

10 Types of Crystals For Healing, Self-Love, Energy Clearing, and Positivity

Given the frenetic energy of the past year, you may feel ready to embrace anything and everything that provides balance.

One avenue for finding that, which you perhaps haven’t already tried?

Different types of crystals.

“Crystal therapy is the practice of mineral application and attunement for energetic alignment and balance,” says Mariah K.

Lyons, author of Crystal Healing for Women and the founder of Astara, a footwear company that incorporates crystals in its designs.

The right crystals can provide “holistic well-being of mind, body, and spirit,” she says.

Therapeutic uses crystals goes way back, too.

Elizabeth Trattner, a Florida-based licensed acupuncturist and integrative medicine specialist who performs crystal- and acupuncture-infused facials, says crystal healing was practiced by ancient Egyptians and during the Roman Empire.

And, she adds, crystals are still used today in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

So, how does this type of therapy work?

The atoms in crystals have unique vibrational motions that determine how the stones will behave in the presence of heat or light.

In fact, everything in the universe—including the atoms that make up us mere mortals—vibrates in this manner, says Lyons.

“When we work with particular vibrations, they have the capability of balancing and harmonizing our own energies within our body, and this helps to create well-being within our energetic field and physical body,” Trattner says.

In terms of scientific evidence that proves the effectiveness of crystal healing, well, there really isn’t much.

“This is because current science is materialist.

You need to have something physical to measure for a scientific study,” says Azalea Lee, a crystal healer based in Los Angeles and designer of the metaphysical fine jewelry line, As Above So Below.

“But crystalline healing energy is metaphysical and has no physical density to measure. It is therefore incongruent with the scientific method.” But Trattner points out that there is research showing that crystals may be medically beneficial.

And the belief that they work can be very powerful (just look to studies on the placebo effect).

Crystal curious?

Keep reading to learn how to find the right crystals for you.

How to find the right types of crystals for you and your needs Find an ethical source First and foremost, Trattner advises buying from a reputable seller who stocks crystals that were mined in an environmentally friendly manner using ethical labor practices.

This may require some Googling, but it’s worth the effort.

Don’t choose simply based off a crystal’s description A common mistake when it comes to...

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