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Try these 5 stretches for less tension and better awareness. #MorningRoutine #Tension

5 Morning Stretches You Can Do From Bed To Start The Day Clearheaded

We all know the importance of creating a healthy morning routine–but, of course, it's a challenge to begin and keep it going.

The secret is shifting our mindset from checking off a list of well-being practices we think we should be doing toward choosing ones we enjoy (that also happen to be good for us).

Then, we transition from dreading something good for ourselves to being more aware of what our body really wants and needs.

And that's key because I strongly believe we need to enjoy ourselves for wellness to work.

This morning routine I've created is all about making a good connection with yourself so you become more adept at making better choices (for you personally) the rest of day.

Take a moment to soften your whole self and enjoy this self-connection practice. You deserve to feel better.

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