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"Welcome to the day, the day is lucky to have you!" #MorningRoutine

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

7 Morning Mindfulness Practices to Help You Have an Awesome Day - Tiny Buddha

How often do you feel energized, grounded, and excited for the day when you finish your morning routine?

And what is your morning routine?

Are you one of those people who sleep as late as possible, pound some coffee and a processed breakfast, and then rush to get into work on time?

(No judgment—I’ve been there! Gas station decaf and pop tarts for the win!) Or do you leave yourself a cushion of time so you can ease into your day feeling centered and invigorated, through some combination of self-care activities?

In recent years I’ve leaned toward the latter because I know the way I spend my morning sets the tone for the rest of my day.

Admittedly, it’s easier on some days than others.

When things are going well, and I feel good about myself and my life, it’s not too hard to do things that are good for me, even if I only have a few minutes.

But it’s when we’re not feeling our best that we need self-care the most.

Especially in the morning, when our choices have immense power to shape the twenty-four hours ahead.

For me, the most important choice is to practice mindfulness.

Mindfulness is essentially non-judgmental present moment awareness.

It’s simply being where you are.

Grounding yourself in your body and choosing to let thoughts naturally pass instead of getting caught up in them.

It’s a great practice any time of day, but particularly in the morning, since it enables you to create the kind of energy you want to take into the tasks and interactions ahead of you.

There are limitless ways to practice mindfulness, but here are some of my favorites:

1. Mindful check-in I imagine a lot of us hop out of bed and get into the morning without really checking in with ourselves to see how we’re feeling.

Check in to see how your body feels—if you’re holding tension anywhere or if any part of your body needs a little extra love, whether that means stretching your legs or giving yourself a hand massage.

Check in to see how you feel mentally and emotionally—if you feel anxious about anything that’s coming or you’re holding onto any thoughts or regrets about yesterday and could maybe work through them with a little journaling.

And most importantly, ask yourself:

What do I need?

It might not be the same as what you needed yesterday.

You might need to chug some water, or connect with someone you love, or listen to a song that always makes you smile.

None of these things takes that long, but they can all make a huge difference.

2. Mindful morning mantra Because I want my son to feel excited about his days, and to know that he’s a valuable... Read full article

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