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Kumquats Help Support Your Powerful Innate Immune System #Fiber

5 Health Benefits of Kumquats: Fight Disease and Boost Immunity

The next time you go to the grocery store, you may want to check your produce section for kumquats, which appear to be the miniature offspring of oranges but are actually completely unrelated and arguably more nutrient-dense than everyone's favorite citrus.

The grape-sized fruit is worth spending a few extra minutes searching for, since their tiny piles may be nestled near the grapefruit or other citrus orbs.

If you've never tried one, when you bite into a kumquat don't be surprised at the taste, which is bitter at first and then sweet, as the juice kicks in and fills your senses with a distinctly fragrant taste stronger than most citrus.

They taste like tropical candy, but without the added sugar.

Beyond satisfying your sweet tooth, you'll also reap the tiny kumquat's oversized powerful health benefits.

Kumquats are fully loaded with antioxidants that our bodies need to build stronger immunity and help fight chronic diseases.

In particular, the peel of kumquats contains limonene, which helps activate your body's "Natural Killer" (NK) immune cells that work to fight off serious diseases, according to studies.

Other citrus peels contain it as well, but you don't eat the peel of orange and grapefruits, whereas you do eat the skin of a kumquat.

Kumquats have been used for centuries in traditional folk medicine in Asia to treat colds and other respiratory symptoms.

The powerful immune-boosting compounds fight more than just coldsand flu:

They help the body to fight cellular aging and the stress caused by free radicals, two things that also weaken the immune system and can result in chronic diseases.

Here are the 5 health benefits of kumquats

1. Kumquats are High in Vitamin C for Boosting Immunity and Fighting Infection The tiny olive-sized citrus is most notable for its high vitamin C...

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