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Vegan BLT Salad: An Easy-To-Make Savory Salad For Summer #Bacon

Your Next Summer BBQ Needs This Vegan BLT Salad (Yes, Really!)

‘Coconut bacon, lettuce and tomato!’ Yep, sing it with me!

This is a plant-based version of the classic BLT sandwich, except that this is a salad.

I’ve blown up the crispy fresh lettuce part of BLT while exchanging the bread for toasted spelt, which becomes deliciously chewy croutons here.

You can use other whole grains, and it’s an excellent way to avoid waste, toasting a day or two old cooked grains to add a filling substance and extra texture to salads.

The ‘bacon’ is made using a fancy vegan trick: using smoked paprika and maple syrup for a sweet and savory taste.

It’s not like meaty bacon, but it has its own merits, adding a crispy salt and savory smokiness.

I’ve added liquid smoke as an option, but the smoked paprika adds the flavor, too.

This salad is full of contrasts and textures.

Drizzle it with the creamy lemon mayo for salad perfection. 

Image from Gettyimages:

Tempah BLTs with kimchi, Avocado + Chipotle Mayonnaise

Tempah bacon, lettuce, tomato sandwich with kimchi, Avocado and Chipotle Mayonnaise

The Picture Pantry/Alanna Taylor-Tobin


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